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D Fire Extinguisher

Magnesium, potassium, sodium titanium, alkyllithiums, Grignards, and diethylzinc are extremely combustible and must be used with caution and appropriate safety measures. These chemicals react violently with water, air and other chemicals and cause class D fires which burn at high temperatures. At such, typical fire extinguishers are not sufficient for this type of fire.

D Fire Extinguishers contain sodium chloride or graphite metal-based powder. When discharge on a fire, the heat causes the powder to cake and form a crust which excludes air and dissipates the heat.

Available Variations:

  • FEX115-MS-120-DF




Technical Specification
 Capacity  12kg
 Operating Temperature  -20°C to 60°C
 Operating Pressure  14 Bar
 Full Weight  19kg
 Test Pressure  25 Bar
 Code No.  FEX115-MS-120-DF