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CO2 Multijet Discharge Nozzles

Discharge nozzle with horn type is used for diffusing CO2 gas to prevent scattering of burning material.
Nozzle material : Brass CZ 121
Horn material : Aluminium alloy

CO2 nozzles in total flooding system should be arrange in the protected space in a manner to ensure equal distribution of CO2 gas during a discharge.

Available variations:

Code No. Type Standard

  • – CO2011-BR-015-RH
  • – CO2011-BR-020-RH
  • – CO2011-BR-025-RH

Code No. With Horn

  • – CO2007-LA-015-MS
  • – CO2007-LA-020-MS
  • – CO2007-LA-025-MS


 Code No. Type Standard  Code No. With Horn
 1/2″ (15)  CO2011-BR-015-RH  CO2007-LA-015-MS
 3/4″ (19)
 CO2011-BR-020-RH  CO2007-LA-020-MS
 1″ (25)  CO2011-BR-025-RH  CO2007-LA-025-MS